Who We Are

And why we do what we do!

Rescue a Lovable Furrever Friend!

Green Street Rescue(GSR) is a non-profit (501c3) located in Philadelphia. We are focused on rescuing stray and homeless cats and practicing TNRM** (Trap, Neuter, Return, Manage) for the feral cats in the city. Our mission also includes finding foster homes and eventual adoptions for the friendly rescues. GSR provides education, information, and services which assist in trapping, rescue, fostering, and the adoption of the cats.

If you are caring for an outdoor cat or colony of cats, we can help you with information and services to assist in trapping , rescue, fostering and finding a home for any of your friendly cats.

If you are looking to foster or adopt, please contact us and we will help you find the new love (or loves) of your life. You will find photos and bios of our current rescues in need of a home under our Adoption link on this site. You may also wish to visit us at Le Cat Café, our adoption platform, to meet some of our adorable adoptable cats.

Green Street Rescue is NOT a shelter, but a network of volunteers who work from their homes and help with trapping, vetting and by providing foster homes.

**For more information on TNRM, please research the website: www.alleycat.org


  • We believe that animals lives are valuable and should be cherished.
  • We believe that people should be educated about the impact of animal overpopulation.
  • We believe that animal rescue work is important.
  • We believe that spay/neuter is integral to ending the animal overpopulation problem.
  • We believe that effective collaboration is essential to ending the animal overpopulation problem.
  • We believe that animal organizations should have access to cost-effective solutions and medical care.
  • We believe that feral cats deserve a right to live.