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I rescued, fostered, and ultimately ended up adopting Tony! I found Tony sitting in the middle of a busy intersection in Philadelphia. I couldn't tell what it was at first, but as I got closer I saw two pointy ears, slammed on my breaks, opened my ca...more
Charlie is a sweet, shy, boy who was rescued out of a feral colony when he was a sick, sick, kitten! I adopted him when he was about 6 months old, and as you can see he has grown into a happy, healthy boy. He loves to take naps, play with his toys, a...more
At first coming to Philadelphia and living alone was overwhelming. I'd always had cats growing up and I was yearning for the love and affection that only a furry friend can give. At first I fostered Forest and I knew about a week into having him in m...more
I had rescued tigger about 13 years ago from green street. He was the best little man one could ever have. Very lively out going sensitive little man. But unfortunately I had to put him down 2 weeks ago. He had gotten sick, after blood work and x-ray...more
Sabrina & Sassafras
These pretty bonded sisters were in foster care for 5+ months when a wonderful couple happened to be looking for a pair and came upon them online. Sabrina and Sass are very loved in their new home. They are described as very affectionate love bugs. G...more
Rocco and Valentino
We lost our beloved PJ in February and I thought I would never fill the hole in my heart. A friend was fostering Rocco, who he found in a vacant home that was for sale and we adopted him. Rocco was frisky and fun but we felt he was lonely. A few week...more
This is Chloe. We adopted her about 2 months ago. From the first day we brought her home, she was the leader of the pack. She keeps our 72-pound dog Jackson on his toes. He gets out of her way when he sees her coming. Chloe has also brought fun and e...more
Aminda and Riz gave Julia a wonderful foster home! She was very tiny and tired of street life at time of rescue. Julia seemed to appreciate the opportunity to rest and observe, as other cats and loving people created a world of safety at Aminda's pla...more
Fi was found living with three other female cats, near 31st and Stanley Streets in Philadelphia. She was nursed back to health by Green Street Rescue, and adopted by us almost two years ago. She is a sweet girl who follows us where ever we go. She al...more
Tia & McGregor
We were fortunate to get to know Tia & McGregor prior to adopting their awesome selves. Tia is adventurous and adorable and McGregor is “crazy” loving. They love each other and are playful with one another. We love them both very much and our li...more