DIY Rescue

“Help, all the shelters are full and there’s a cat in need!”

Does this sound like you or someone you know? Do you feel powerless in the struggle against the overwhelming cat homelessness crisis in Philadelphia? Don’t! You too can rescue a cat! Here’s how:

  1. Trap the cat
    1. We can loan you a trap. Call Green Street Rescue at 2678007877.
    2. We require an $85 deposit, refundable when the trap is returned
    3. The trap can be picked up from / dropped off at Le Cat Cafe, 2713 W Girard Ave
  2. Bring them to a vet
    1. We can loan you a carrier for vet day.
    2. Get the following medical work done, and save the paperwork. (See websites below for actual pricing.):
      1. Spay/Neuter ~ $60-$90
      2. Shots for rabies, FVRCP ~ $30
      3. Test for FIV, FELV ~ $20
      4. Treatment for fleas and worms ~ $15
    3. Some low cost vet solutions include:
      1. The Bridge Clinic 
      2. PAWS
      3. Emancipet
  3. Foster the cat
    1. Please consider opening your heart and home to someone in need. It’s a good idea to keep your foster in a spare room if you have other pets until they all seem ready to meet each other. Even a small bathroom with a litterbox is better than the street!
    2. You can send us photos of the cat and their medical records and we will post them on our website and screen adoption applicants for you. Please call us at 2678007877 for instructions on how to request a “courtesy post” for your foster.

Rescuing one cat may not change the world, but it will change the world for that one cat.